Belgium Tours


Belgium Tours

Nestled between Holland and France lies the small country of Belgium. It is often considered to be the heart of Europe. Renowned among visitors for its stunning cities, cultural sites, and landmarks, as well as its dozens of varieties of craft beers, delectable chocolates, and warm, buttery waffles, or gaufres. From Amsterdam, Belgium Tours will take you to the country’s principal attractions, showing you the chief features of cities like Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels. You can focus on just one city, or if you prefer, see a combination of the three. Browse the Belgium Tours that are available today and choose the experience that is right for you!

Belgium Tours takes you to the foremost cities in Belgium

The principal cities in Belgium are revered for their beauty and dazzling architecture. Under the guidance of Belgium Tours’ trilingual guides, visit Antwerp’s famous diamond showroom, and watch the experts as they ready the raw gems for sale. In Brussels, the highly international city that is the capital of both NATO and EU, visit the European Union’s headquarters with Belgium Tours in addition to the emblematic Atomium, which was the centerpiece of the World Fair when it came to Brussels in 1958. You can also visit the city’s breathtaking central square, the Grand Palace, and take pictures next to the smile-inducing Manneken Pis. In Bruges, step back in time and sightsee in one of the best-preserved cities in Belgium, and in all of Europe. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bruges boasts cobblestone streets, canals, magnificent churches, and a distinctly medieval feel.

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Book a spot on any of Lindbergh’s Belgium Tours today: just select your preferred dates and times from the comfort of your home, using the online booking tool to ensure a prime place on the tour. Leaving from Amsterdam, Belgium Tours takes care of everything, adding a highlight to your trip to Holland. Experience the best of Belgium with Lindbergh, a company that has been trusted for over ninety years, and that will make every moment of your holiday time memorable while you are abroad.