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Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Lindbergh’s Amsterdam Canal Cruises provide an interactive way to discover Holland’s electrifying capital city; and with close to a dozen Amsterdam Canal Cruises that offer exceptional urban boat trips, there are plenty of options to choose from. Over one hundred kilometers of canals line Amsterdam proper, connecting the city’s historic landmarks and premier points of interest. On Amsterdam Canal Cruises you’ll be able to see a diverse number of attractions from the water, including Westerkerk Church, the Anne Frank House Museum, the Skinny Bridge, and many others. By day you can enjoy a bright view of the capital’s quaint, charming neighborhoods, or a romantic candlelight tour by night. Whatever you decide, trust the professionals who work for Lindbergh, Amsterdam Canal Cruises are an essential part of your stay in the capital of the Netherlands!  

Experience the city with an Amsterdam Boat Cruise by day or night

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Amsterdam’s old city center is replete with shimmering canals that are just waiting to be explored. And what better way to do so than by a leisurely Amsterdam boat cruise? In the summer, choose a semi open boat tour to let in the fresh air and sunshine; or for more active tourists, a hop on hop off boat tour might be just the thing, allowing for freedom to traverse the city’s streets, and wander at a relaxed pace on one’s own. Add to the basic Amsterdam boat cruise by choosing to order some dinner and drinks; whether you’re a fan of pizza, burgers, and beer, or something a bit more gourmet, Amsterdam Canal Cruises has the best tour for you. And with audio guides to narrate your journey through the city in multiple languages, you can learn about the city’s history in your preferred language. Browse the selection on our website to find your perfect fit!

Choose the canal cruise that appeals to you

Cruise through the waterways of the Netherland’s most populous city with Lindbergh’s memorable Amsterdam Canal Cruises. Browse the Amsterdam Canal Cruises that are available and book the one that is right for you by using our reliable booking tool online. Select your optimal dates and times from the comfort of your very own home, saving time and ensuring your place on one of the alluring boat tours gliding through the brilliant canals of Amsterdam.